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Stemi and Covid

Updated information for Covid-19 patients with a STEMI. Many hospitals will prefer thrombolytic usage rather than primary PCI in order to limit hospital exposure… Read more


Updates and information regarding covid-19 can be found here.Read more

Antibiotics for diverticulitis

Most providers use Cipro/Flagyl for uncomplicated diverticulitis but don’t forget about alternatives such as Amoxicillin/ClavulanateRead more

Biologic immunomodulators

A quick review of biologic immunomodulators. The various letters chosen in the name indicated the structure, origin, and targets of the molecule. For example ixekizumab for psoriasis ends with –mab, so it is a monoclonal antibody, has a –u- so it is human and has –ki- which means that it is interleukin targeted.

Also, many new novel onocologic agents carry their own adverse effect.s… Read more

Telegram chat group

To better facilitate communication we have an open telegram channel https://t.me/wikem_org Anyone can join and chat directly with other users and editors for help and general discussion.… Read more

Empty mobile App

If your mobile app is crashing and lacking content, please uninstall and perform a full update upon re-install. The app needs to download the entire wiki and must be performed on wifi. Please do not let your phone sleep during the process as it will interrupt the download. Due to the size of the wiki we cannot perform a background update. If your phone did turn off the screen during setup please click the blue update button in the app and reattempt initial download. After this initial download, pages will only update if changes have occurred since last viewed.… Read more